Privacy Statement

Present Confidentiality Declaration describes the way how MyTrustyPartner (henceforward MTP) processes data and information, which has been given for the proceeding of connection between you and MTP. The personal data supplied by you (on the web page of MTP, henceforward Website), or on the customer application form or supplied on other form or stored by MTP in connection with you, shall be processed in the way written in the present Confidentiality Declaration. With providing the data and by using the Website, you accept the usage of personal data on the basis of the Confidentiality Declaration. In case you disagree with the terms of the Confidentiality Declaration, please do not use the Website and do not supply your personal data.

Stored data and its usage

The data and information which are requested, used and processed by MTP and related to you contains the following:

  1. the data supplied by filling the application form or any other information provided by you through the Website or sent via email;
  2. the filing of mails or conversations via Website, e-mail or phone.
  3. the response to the public inquiry or questionnaire,
  4. the data of MTP-related transactions via Website, on phone or any other way, or
  5. the visiting details of the Website, including but not limited to data connection, data localization, weblogs or other data of communication.

MTP is entitled to use the personal information, the data in connection with you and other data for the certain purposes:

  1. creating, maintaining, processing of the account
  2. complying with the legal and regulatory requirements
  3. establishing personal profile
  4. performing public inquiries or questionnaires and carrying out an analysis
  5. informing you about the special offers, products or services of MTP with your consent, and
  6. controlling the transactions for the purposes of avoiding abuses, uncommon reception, money laundering or fraud.

Storage of information

MTP shall take every necessary measure to implement adequate safeguards and to protect the data. MTP shall provide the data exclusively to its subsidiaries or business partners. These organizations are beneficiaries in the activities of MTP and/or service providers, which are entitled to process the personal data on behalf of the MTP. In case your payment is discharged via the Website, for avoiding abuse, controlling the identity or age and for the prevention of money laundering, MTP is entitled to contact a third party who records the requirements in connection with your data. Furthermore, MTP is entitled to order examination in respect of the usage of your account and to provide the data in question, to security organisations, a third party or agencies, for the purpose of investigation, preventing attempts at fraud or money laundering.

Phone Conversations

MTP shall be entitled to record phone conversations in our call centers during incoming or outgoing calls, and to record any solutions provided on possible questions established through performing our services, for the purposes of training and security.

Using cookies

MTP uses cookies to collect information about web servers due to purposes detailed above. If you register or continue to use the services on the Website, you allow cookies being used. Cookies contain information which can be copied on your computer's hard disk. These help MTP to develop the Website and to perform more personalised and better quality services. Some of the cookies are essential to use the Website. In the event you may request to delete cookies already stored on your device, or to suspend cookies which track your browsing patterns, you can delete those cookies which are already exist and/or modify your browser's settings to ban cookies (this process could be different in every browser). If you need more information in regard of this, please visit Please be noted that after deleting or turning off cookies, it may occur that you will not be able to use some parts or functions of the Website.

Internet-based transfers

Internet is a global environment, by using it to collect and process data, it also concerns international data transfer. Some organisations are allowed to process personal data may be outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Consequently by using the Website and communicating us electronically, you acknowledge to process your personal data by MTP on this basis. MTP takes every measure needed to process your information and data on the highest security level and according to our Confidentiality Declaration.

Transferring information

MTP holds the right to transfer your data to official authorities including police to investigate fraud and money laundering cases. After closing your account, MTP is entitled to keep your data for a limited period (usually no longer than 6 years) to comply with legal specifications and in order to inner risk management processes of MTP. MTP processes stored data in accordance with the Confidentiality Declaration.

Access to information

You are entitled to access to any information in connection with you which is stored by MTP. You are allowed to access these data based on the rules of the Data Protection Act (1998) of the UK. The request for data access could cost a fee of £10 which covers our expenses of providing data related to you.

Modifications of Confidentiality Declaration

MTP will inform you about any modifications in the Confidentiality Declaration on our Website prior to the amendments and any modifications shall enter into effect after such publication. If MTP modifies any meaningful or considerable provisions of the Confidentiality Declaration, you will be informed via email, through the Website or through any approved communication channel.

Latest update: 10/11/2016